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Exceptional customer experience becomes the key differentiator for businesses in the highly competitive commerce space but legacy technology fails to keep up with the speed of change.

Your next commerce platform will likely apply the modern approach - composable commerce. It will consist of independent SaaS backends and custom capabilities, seamlessly integrated to power modern touchpoints and to delight your customers.

Digital commerce platforms are experiencing ongoing modularization in a cloud-native, multiexperience world. Application leaders responsible for digital commerce should prepare for a composable approach using packaged business capabilities to move toward future- proof digital commerce experiences.

Composable Commerce Must Be Adopted for the Future of Applications
Mike Lowndes, Sandy Shen, Gartner


With composable commerce you are at the drawing board when it comes to creating the architecture in a best-of-breed approach. Products of our strategic partners – commercetools and Amplience – provide best-in-class customer experience through their highly sophisticated API-driven, headless, cloud platforms. They are the corner stones of a successful composable platform.


Monolith Decomposition

While  composable commerce is our clear objective, we rarely start with a clean sheet. Enterprise commerce systems built on monolithic suites are omnipresent and constitute enormous value for organizations. ENGINIETY masters both those worlds and will support you in continuous effort to transform your systems into the new paradigm.

Explore monolith decomposition with IPA.C

Storefront plays an essential role in the process of breaking up a monolith. Decoupling the frontend from background processes opens up the possibility to gradually exchange the underlying backends.

ENGINIETY created IPA.C to facilitate this transition. The fully featured PWA storefront integrates with any backend and supports both SAP Commerce and multiple SaaS products out of the box, making the transition a smooth and low-risk endeavour.


Be prepared for your transition
to composable commerce.

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