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Technology is your business enabler

We deliver essential value to our clients' businesses. How? By becoming all-round support in digital transformation.


Business Model Ideation

Personas definition

Customer Journey Mapping

CXD / UI/UX Design


Design, Code, Performace and Architecture Review

Architecture As-Is and Development Recommendations:

- Monolith Decomposition Roadmap

- Microservices Architecture


Business Analysis
Backend and Frontend
Software Development
Quality Assurance
Application Support (24/7 or 8/5)


Our goal is to acquire a thorough understanding of our clients' needs and challenges.
Knowledge about their expectations, experiences and strategies allows us to estimate the scope of the required work.
Thanks to it, we can develop a draft of the optimum project team.

We get involved from the very start of a partnership

Foundation phase
  • Getting to know the domain
  • Defining the vision and aim of the project
  • Defining user personas
  • High-level identification of UX challenges
  • Getting to know the client team
  • Creating the first version of the backlog
  • Specifying tasks for the first major release
  • Setting up the project team
  • Specifying timeline (first release + plans for the future)
  • Setting up software development processes (task workflow, Definition of Done, Definition of Ready, Scrum process)
  • Clarifying non-functional requirements
  • High-level estimation of the first release
  • Defining the scope of competencies
  • Determining the support model (communication channels, reaction times, who is responsible and authorized to report problems)
engineering phase
  • Audit and UX optimisation recommendations
  • Preparing UI for the given solution
  • Starting unmoderated remote usability testing
  • Developing a scenario and monitoring UX testing
  • Implementation of the selected functionalities
  • Preparing and conducting functional and regression tests
  • Implementing automated and performance tests
  • Developing project documentation for external and internal purposes
  • Commencing cooperation with the client’s partners
  • Determining the process of implementation of tools for automation of processes necessary for development purposes (including building packages, launching tests, containerisation)
  • UX consultations (close cooperation with DEV and QA in order to ensure high quality of the generated product and user satisfaction)
Go live and application support
  • Preparing plan for production release
  • Supporting UAT (User Acceptance Testing) in the pre-production environment
  • Creating Release Notes
  • Preparing an instruction manual for installation of the new version
  • Full configuration of the pre-production and/or production environment
  • Testing security and performance of the pre-production and/or production environment
  • Installation and configuration of the tools necessary in the pre-production and/or production environments
  • Production release
  • Monitoring critical user pathways with emphasis put on quantitative/qualitative analyses
Continuous development
  • Repeating Foundation Phase, Engineering Phase, Go live & Application Support in the context of product development
  • Analysis and fix of discovered bugs
  • UX streamlining based on the data collected after Go live for a given feature / user pathway package

As engineers-craftspeople, we appreciate a job well done. Success starts with our engineering code of ethics.

We know that precision is essential in every project. Just like other constructions, a commerce system has to be appropriately designed and implemented.

We make all things as simple, as possible. Simplifying means optimising, not taking shortcuts.

We think that we should neither subtract anything from an operational project, nor add anything to it.


Engineers have a responsibility to understand each project’s requirements. The client is not expected to know what technology they are looking for. It is our job to find the best-fitted solution and discuss all the details together with the client. The solutions we propose as a team are always coherent with current standards, both technical and operational.

Process discipline also matters – a properly developed action plan helps to avoid misunderstandings and unexpected costs throughout project implementation. Any problems, however big or small, should be reported and the whole process must remain transparent to all members of the project team.


Digital transformation is a process of constant change. We find flexibility and continuous improvement crucial. Based on our experience, we are sure that Agile is the only way to deliver transformation successfully. User Stories, Sprint Planning and Retrospectives are our everyday reality of Scrum framework projects.

We follow Agile methodology at every stage of work


Agile approach to our work required a massive amount of discipline and effective action planning. In practical terms, it developed into active involvement on a daily basis – parallel to the ongoing project work.

We found out however, that this new approach enabled us to react constructively to any emerging requirements or new ideas. The prioritising of tasks in each of the two-week work cycles also turned out to be crucial. This methodological restructuring paid off. We can now apply our experience in the subsequent stages of the project, implemented together with ENGINIETY, as well as other areas.

For mutual benefits we openly communicate what works and what does not

We offer you honest relations. This approach has never failed us thus far. The partnership is built at the project team level, therefore we only provide fixed teams which over time, together with client’s team members become one project team. We continuously challenging ourselves and sharing responsibility for project success.


Since the beginning of our cooperation in 2010, we have been consistently delighted with the ENGINIETY team. They have always been focused on delivering quality solutions. The need to act sensibly, together with their involved approach, allowed the resulting technology to bring noticeable profits to our business.

We also appreciate the fact that we work with people we know and trust. This team composition has been constant. Every potential personnel turnover is consulted with us, taking into consideration both work efficiency and the quality of its results.

ENGINIETY sometimes gives us the role of their sparring partner: we receive recommendations concerning the technology and tools being tested. We also discuss the available solutions together. Thanks to our long term cooperation, they know the needs and challenges of our company. This is why we also benefit from their consulting services in the area of our technological strategy.

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